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How to increase sales in the shop?

How to increase sales in the shop?

Merchandising as a novelty form of assortment display and its direct effect on sales

You can affect 2/3 of customer’s purchases by using merchandising principles and sales techniques (assortment spacing, entry zone, cold and hot zones in the shop, rule of the right hand, atmosphere of the shop, lighting).

Golden rules:

  • Level of the eyes
  • Level of the hand
  • Basic level

Cutting-edge forms of sales and affecting customer’s unplanned and impulse purchases translate into increased shopping basket, which directly translates into the owner’s revenues. Below we present the scope of our offer that will increase the sales in your shop.

Range of activities, cooperation with customer:

  • Visit at the customer’s shop (interview with customer, assortment analysis in respect of shelf capacity and new products including customer’s preferences, surroundings, strong and weak points of the competition).
  • Assortment inventory: analysis of current selection and fitting it to new project.
  • Preparation, layout sketch (arrangement of assortment after product groups, arrangement of categories in the shop) including possibilities of new project display to achieve optimum sales effect, suggested changes/modifications following the latest merchandising standards: entry zone, rule of the right hand, hot and cold zones in the shop, shaping of the sales space by appropriate identification and definition of product groups, complementarity and neighbouring location of product groups.
  • Layout-based proposal for shelf set-up with general spacing of categories.

 Participation of specialist in shop stocking as coordinator of team of those on the shop floor:

  • staff training in general principles of merchandising and product display,
  • preparation of support materials,
  • spacing of particular categories on the shelf.



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