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A design of the chemist should essentially be adjusted to the products. It should be first considered whether the interior of the shop is to suggest the dominance of perfumes and beauty cosmetics or rather shampoos, soaps, washing powders and hygiene products. The interior should be cosy and warm. One should remember about creating appropriate atmosphere, special furniture selection, lighting, finishing materials, colours, details and background music. Furniture should be adjusted to the products. System furniture is a good choice since they allow for shelving adjustment. It is essential that depending on the products there might be eleven shelves or only four. In the chemist design, the depth of the shelves depends on the place of the shelf: for wall shelves it is 20-40 cm, and for middle shelves it is 20-30 cm. The more important is to think about more linear meters than the shelf depth because the cosmetics packages are not too big. Perforated panels with Euro-perforation or space-wall with aluminum inserts for small products hangers, impulse purchase in checkout area or the top places of double-sided shelves are frequently used. One should also foresee some space for glass fronted colour cabinets from manufacturers. 

Chemist is a time of pleasure and relaxation for women, for this reason the interior should build up positive emotions and connotations. In this way, it will become a place where they will eagerly come back. 


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