gas stations | Projekty sklepów

gas stations

sklepy spożywcze

While designing shops AT petrol stations the checkout is paced differently than in typical shops at the end of the shop. A customer who has bought petrol and heads to pay for it is forced to walk through the whole shop. There is always a chance that they will be tempted to buy something else while walking or queuing. While planning a shop at the petrol station, there is a need to leave the space for seasonal products such as wipers liquids, ice scrapers, barbeque accessories etc. Shops at the petrol stations rely mainly on impulsive purchase. At the checkout, there are always some sweets, chewing gums, pick-me-up drinks. These products are likely to be bought by drivers. Nowadays, a fast food bar is a common standpoint where we can buy hot sandwiches, hot-dogs and we can drink coffee or tea. A perfect addition of the offer are: wipers, oils, bulbs or mobile chargers. Recently, some other products have appeared. These are basic groceries such as milk, cereals, dairy products, bread or ham. More and more petrol station shops are becoming convenience minimarkets since they allow for fast, comfortable, daily shopping. In Poland also open on public holidays, when all the shops are closed.


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