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Grocery stores

sklepy spożywcze

A design of a grocery involves a simulation of appropriate shop interior, shelves arrangement and products distribution in order to create a comfortable as well as effective customer’s route from the entrance door to the checkout or service till.  An appropriate distribution of shop areas will make the customer see and therefore buy some more products than planned and their route to the checkout will be more comfortable and interesting. It is worth investing some money in modern lighting, which should be natural with high CRI ( colour  rendering index). Interior design should be light and friendly. Another matter that is worth considering is the products arrangement that should be esthetic and organized according to the product origin within the selling areas and aisles. A design should include well-fitted shelves, and the product exposition must give an impression of abundance and a wide product range. There should not be any empty spaces between shelves, or products on the floor.  Customers will definitely come back to the well designed grocery. 


Examples of grocery stores


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