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A design of warehouse has its own laws. This is the place where a customer has rarely access to. It is necessary to make use of  the whole surface and the height of a hall, at the same time the aisles should be wide enough for a forklift to operate freely. In a warehouse design we often use high stock shelves, their height sometimes reaches up to 12 m. Warehouse is not only the place where the products are kept on flat stillages. It happens that an investor wants to have expo area, in this case the interior design should include integrated shelving system. Those shelves allow for using the lower part of the shelf (up to 200 -250 cm)  for exposition, for example shelves with perforated back or other dedicated hangers, whereas their upper part is used for storage. 

Zakres i opis projektu:

Sklep przemysłowy z artykułami AGD, obuwiem i odzieżą
miejsce: Białystok
powierzchnia: 380 m2
data wykonania: maj 2016
Zakres opracowania:

  • projekt technologiczny sklepu
  • wizualizacja sklepu 3D
  • opracowanie elementów graficznych
  • dobór kolorystyki i materiałów
  • koordynacja i nadzór inwestycji


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