Greengroceries and greengrocer’s stalls | Projekty sklepów

Greengroceries and greengrocer’s stalls

sklepy spożywcze

Furniture to greengrocery must be durable, hardy and moisture-proof. Commonly they are based on metal construction shelf, which has good load bearing capacity. Whereas the finishing is made from natural wood, or wattle, we often use various types of awning roofing; it is possible to decorate the stall or shop with folklore elements. The finishing includes colour  backlit Plexiglas or hips printing. Greengrocer counter in the supermarket is most commonly situated at the entrance of the shop. The décor of greengrocer’s area should be pleasant and arouse positive associations. Greengroceries areas are usually crowded, customers want to touch, see, smell and check the product therefore the time spent at this place is quite long. Traffic and buzz should remind a bazaar trade or a market, then the sales are up and the customer happy


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